Begusarai to Balotta Park: My two lives In India and abroad

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I live two lives — one when I am at home in India and the other when I am at my other home in Singapore.  I am a saree-clad, bindi-sporting married Indian woman in India, and I am a saree-clad, bindi-sporting married Indian woman in Singapore. I know on the surface both versions sound the same but in... Continue Reading →

Co-founder of Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions Amy Ngo opens up on entrepreneurship, the haircare industry in SG and more

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The Vent Machine readers can enjoy 50% discount on all services Or Download OLY App from Appstore or Google Play and receive $60 service voucher. No min spending required.

Experience Disney’s magic with new special edition glass containers featuring Disney characters

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Add a touch of magic to your home storage collection with Disney’s exclusive glass container range, featuring your favourite OG Disney characters

Eight beauty brands you must check out on Shopee today!

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The season to ‘shop till you drop’ is upon us and we can’t keep calm! The number of beauty brands and amazing skincare products out there is endless and the dilemma of choice is very real. But fret not my dear shoppers because at your service we bring the one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs,... Continue Reading →

Trust SANO-D for the health and hygiene of your family

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Sanitization and disinfections are top trending topics thanks to COVID-19. The basics of washing hands and bringing back personal hygiene habits have now become a new norm and where people are definitely more mindful than ever now. With a galore of disinfectant brands and products made available in the market, it is important to know... Continue Reading →

This expat became a peer leader in Singapore by using technology to build communities

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I have spoken to almost more than fifty Indian wives who moved to Singapore after marriage because their husbands were working here. Most of these women had flourishing careers in India but after moving to SG, they all struggled- some are still struggling- to find their pace both professionally and personally. Living in a foreign country... Continue Reading →

This Actor is Reaching Out To Masses Through His YouTube Channel

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Sometimes you can do everything right and the video might not get that much attention, and sometimes it works when you least expect it to. He says the true key is to remain consistent and keep trying. There is no fixed formula for going viral!

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