We speak to SYNC founder Terng Shing Chen about PR, passion, perseverance and more

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What does it take to start your own PR firm in a country like Singapore and how do you scale your business across the competitive APAC market?We speak to Terng Shing Chen, CEO and founder of award-winning PR and content marketing startup SYNC PR to understand the answer to these questions and more.

Happy Independence Day To You, But For Me There’s Still A Long Way To Go- Arunima Gururani

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India attained independence from the British on 15th August 1947. We've all learned this, we've learned about the freedom struggle and have been taught to respect the faces of those that were leaders in this battle for freedom. Idols have been created out of men and women who did their bit to fight for a... Continue Reading →

In The Name Of Love by Sumona Chetia

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She has been in a relationship with that person for the last four years hence it's very natural for her to let him thrash her once in a while. "My fault," she says every time I question her about the bruises. I found her lying on the hospital bed with a complaint of fatigue. The... Continue Reading →

Other World

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Sometimes I go through my day Functioning on autopilot. I speak when I'm spoken to I respond with a nod or a smile Just enough to not seem absent. I'm sorry if I zoned out Sometimes it's impossible To get out of my world. Everything is perfect there Unlike the real one, here. Books float... Continue Reading →

When I Met Little Miss Bento At World’s First Kumoya Toki-doki Pop Up Cafe

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Little Miss Bento aka Shirley Wong Loves Doodling and Packing Lunch Boxes - This Led Her to Become A Renowned Food Artist What comes to our mind when someone mentions food? Taste and if we think a little harder - presentation. Enter Miss Shirley Wong and your food is not only appealing to your taste buds... Continue Reading →

This State-level Silver Medalist in Yoga from Bihar is a Tabla Player and A Social Media Influencer

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Meet 21 year old Satyapal Kumar, a pass out from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (Kaimur) who is a multi-tasker to say the least. Satyapal is a state-level silver medalist in Yoga and a passionate tabla player. He is also a social media influencer. Satyapal belongs to Sasaram, which lies in the Rohtas district of Bihar. This... Continue Reading →

“Uncle Aunty” – A Movie Review

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Generally, the youth is shown to be hooked to the digital world. Here, Gupta has taken up a completely ignored section of the society in this context, which believe it or not, is actually equally smitten by the dotcom revolution. Additionally, the vintage black and white effect was more like a reverse interpretation emphasizing on the crux of the story loud and clear.

The Social House Is Now On TV!

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The Social House Partners With Media Giant QYOU India To Showcase Select Videos on Tata Sky India's fastest growing poetry YouTube channel The Social House (TSH) seems to be breaking records when it comes to achieving milestones in a flash! TSH has partnered with Toronto based media giant QYOU Media for its newly launched service... Continue Reading →

This Actor is Reaching Out To Masses Through His YouTube Channel

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Sometimes you can do everything right and the video might not get that much attention, and sometimes it works when you least expect it to. He says the true key is to remain consistent and keep trying. There is no fixed formula for going viral!

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