Why I love reading graphic novels


My foray into the world of comic books happened through the comic strips in newspapers. It began with a fondness for Garfield and his shenanigans, and led to the discovery of a […]

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Aren’t bookstores the best thing about Phase 2?


As we enter phase 2 in Singapore, public libraries will still remain closed and bibliophiles are craving for good new reads (we know we are!). However, all is not lost as book […]

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In this digital age, she aims to rekindle our love for penmanship


In the digital age, typing dominates. We spend most of our time pushing buttons on a keyboard; calligraphy classes have been phased out in favour of typing classes in schools; […]


What is killing our reading habit?


For kids who grew up in the 90s, when the Internet was still a futuristic thought and we were still unaware of mobile phones, computers meant playing around with MS Paint […]

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Here’s How These Books Helped Me Combat Mental Health Issues


In today’s digital era, we are living fast-paced lives where most of our choices are “influenced” by social media and everything is instant. Trends that go viral today become irrelevant […]

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Five non-fiction books you need to read now


Reading can be one of the most fruitful activities. You develop a deeper understanding of the world and form your own opinion on things. Many read only non-fiction, while many […]


Looking For The Light by Arunima


This romanticization of the ‘troubled genius’ is something we need to let go of. No, it’s not okay to suffer – it doesn’t look cool. You’re not supposed to suffer to make good art. In fact, the clearer your mind, the better the art.

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Singapore Brought Me Closer to My Heroes – How ‘Marvel’ous Is That?


“There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people… To see if we could become something more. So when they needed us, we could fight the battles that they never could…”

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“All Glory Comes From Daring to Begin”- The Bond of Books


When you are 21 and your first book (Nascent Wings) has just come out, the line between reality and dreams seem blurry. You hold that author’s proof in your hand, look […]


An Afternoon with Lang Leav Changed My Life


I have had my share of sheroes growing up. It began with the likes of J.K Rowling and Enid Blyton as I gradually moved on to reading classics by Jane […]


Love, Sex and Gaali! The Chetanisation of Indian Writing


India has been known for its rich art and culture since time immemorial. Our nation is the Mother of literary pioneers, such as Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore, magical creator […]

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