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Mabel Gan’s The Ghost Who Pinched Me: Is The Perfect Gift For Teens And Tweens This Holiday Season

“In the dim candlelight, the small room seem to have shrunk. I felt my chest tighten and worried that there wasn’t enough air for all of us. I couldn’t control myself and let out a […]


Five non-fiction books you need to read now

Reading can be one of the most fruitful activities. You develop a deeper understanding of the world and form your own opinion on things. Many read only non-fiction, while many find it daunting or boring. […]


The Discrimination Around Us: Book Review of the Between Us Book Series by Thrity Umrigar

Dhwani Swadia’s Book Review of the Between Us Book Series by Thrity Umrigar In India, the relationship between the lady of the house and her maid, especially if the maid has been with them for several […]