Here’s why I will not write for you for free


I wrote this post on LinkedIn early on a Saturday morning so it is obvious that something must have triggered me. Well, the fact that I even have to sit […]

#Food #Life In SG

Platform 1094 – The “Almost” Harry Potter Cafe in Singapore


The best, most insta-worthy and magical thing on the menu at Platform 1094 is Mr. Lich’s Flaming Brew, aka, the Burning Goblet of Fire.


All Hail The Goddess


Pandals (tents) and processions, pandits (priests) and devotees are thronging up and down on the streets of Begusarai – a small district in the state of Bihar in India. This […]

#Updates #WIIFF 2018

The Vent Machine Completes First Content Partnership Collaboration Successfully


In just two months, The Vent Machine (TVM) proudly stands at 18K+ hits and has successfully completed the first official content  partnership collaboration with Whatashort Independent International Festival 2018.

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