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पागल सी है झल्ली सी है फिर भी अच्छी लगती है इस खोखली झूठी दुनिया में एक वो है जो सच्ची लगती है हम सबको हसाती है, जाने क्या क्या बोल के जो दिल में हो वो कहती है बिना कुछ भी तोल के यूँ तो नन्ही सी बच्ची है, लेकिन है एक मिसाल जिस... Continue Reading →

ना जाने क्या?

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ना जाने क्या सोचता रहता है मुझसे तो कुछ कहता नहीं उसकी नम आँखें और शांत सा चेहरा देख कर दिल मेरा टूट सा जाता है ना जानें किन चीज़ों से गुज़रता है रोज़ मुझसे अपने दुःख बांटता नहीं उसकी तकलीफें महसूस कर मेरा मन भर सा जाता है ना जाने कितने तूफ़ान लिए बैठा... Continue Reading →

The Facade of Ego Indian Men Live With

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When incidents like the Bengaluru Molestation Case come under light, a swarm of media and public outrage through various mediums start pouring into the communication framework. And, rightly so. Why? Well, because we as a 'conservative' (read 'orthodox') society never appreciate talking about real problems/issues that matter, we might as well talk about these things... Continue Reading →


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When we feel angry, upset or agitated for any reason; it is important to vent it out. If we keep it inside, it boils and boils and boils and makes us crazy! Its better to yell, scream, fight, even abuse if we feel like. Now, if it is someone close to us that we are... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

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What is life? A cluster of seconds, which convert into minutes that become hours, days, weeks, months and eventually a year. Another year has passed Another life lesson learnt... well, not one, many! Do I have any complaints for 2016 or any resolutions for 2017? None. I am thankful for all the smiles, also for... Continue Reading →

I am.

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The Sea on One Side And a world of fantasy on the other There is so much in this one moment Serenity of the Indian ocean Calming my nerves And excitement for fiction giving me an adrenaline gush There are fishes here- many wandering in the sea - their home Many trapped in the S.E.A.... Continue Reading →

The Sense of An Ending

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When you feel trapped in your own vicious circle When every path seems like a dead end When you try to wipe the fog but there is still no clarity When you want to shout, scream and yell - but cannot find your voice Then you get that hint - The Sense of an Ending... Continue Reading →

यूँ ही

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न इसके लिए अच्छी ना उसके लिए काफ़ी न इसके हिसाब से ना उसके मुताबिक़ क्या है तरीका ए मालिक़ बता दो कि कर सकूँ कुछ अच्छा तुम मुझको दुआ दो चाहे जितने भी कर लूँ मैं जतन नहीं होता काफ़ी रह जाता है कम न इसके लिए अच्छी ना उसके लिए काफ़ी न इसके... Continue Reading →

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