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Why I chose to share my story about my divorce? It wasn’t for fame or money.

‘Rewriting My Happily Ever After’ by Dr Ranjani Rao is an evocative, honest account of the aftermath of divorce in an unsupportive culture. Yet, this uplifting story of grace and courage shows how to build resilience and find happiness by being true to yourself.

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SG-based fintech Fincy wants to change money for a post-COVID19 world

Fincy is a digital wallet that stores your money across multiple currencies. Users can conduct currency exchange through the QuickSwap function and have the currencies stored directly into their digital wallet ready for use.

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Singapore-based influencer Georgia Caney opens up about her eBook The ‘S’ Word and more

Georgia shares that her inbox is flooded daily with all kinds of questions about Singapore, from relocating and cultural differences, to her recommendations for the best spots in the city. For that reason, she decided to put a comprehensive guide together to combine all of the information and knowledge that she gained over the past few years whilst living in the Lion City.

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