SG-based fintech Fincy wants to change money for a post-COVID19 world

Fincy is a digital wallet that stores your money across multiple currencies. Users can conduct currency exchange through the QuickSwap function and have the currencies stored directly into their digital wallet ready for use.

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Attention parents and parents-to-be: Here’s all you need to know about your kids’ poop

FRISO marked World Digestive Health Day 2020 on 28th May with the launch of Singapore’s first-ever Good Poop Advisory Panel, which aims to draw attention

We explore dating trends in Singapore amidst safe distancing and partial lockdowns with Paktor

Life, in general, is limited these days. We stay at home most of the time, attend meetings online, catch up with our friends and families

The saga of my sister’s wedding during a national lockdown amidst COVID-19

“The wedding is going to take place tomorrow. It will be a very private and closed affair. We have managed to arrange clothes and makeup

This #NoDistancing campaign is fighting back for freelancers of Singapore

The world has been fighting the novel coronavirus for almost three months now. At the time of writing, according to the World Health Organisation’s 97th

In this digital age, she aims to rekindle our love for penmanship

In the digital age, typing dominates. We spend most of our time pushing buttons on a keyboard; calligraphy classes have been phased out in favour

How The Journey Of Veteran Singaporean Actor Paul Foster Is Inspiring People To Be and Do Good

Most recently seen in the Netflix docu-series ‘Singapore Social’, Paul Foster is a veteran actor who has been active in the entertainment industry for almost

In Conversation With Chef Ivan Brehm

(First published on Lifestyle Collective.) Best known for leading The Kitchen at Bacchanalia in Singapore to its first-ever Michelin Star in 2016, Ivan Brehm is

Singapore-based influencer Georgia Caney opens up about her eBook The ‘S’ Word and more

Georgia shares that her inbox is flooded daily with all kinds of questions about Singapore, from relocating and cultural differences, to her recommendations for the best spots in the city. For that reason, she decided to put a comprehensive guide together to combine all of the information and knowledge that she gained over the past few years whilst living in the Lion City.

You need to read this Punjabi-Singaporean’s books if you haven’t already

Balli Kaur Jaswal is a reputed author who has penned four stand-alone books. Her third book, “Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows” that was published by

Encounters of a Jabra Fan with her favourite​ celebs

When Ranpreet met her favourite singers Manan and Sarthak “Wo Star Nahi Duniya Hai Meri…” This dialogue from Shahrukh Khan’s 2016 release ‘FAN’ was the

Hosting Gulzar Saab at Esplanade S’pore was an experience that will stay with me forever

I have had the privilege of meeting with and interviewing some of the most iconic personalities from different fields, having worked in the media industry

This Singapore-based British YouTuber Has Got It All Right About Living In SG

Have you ever followed someone round-the-clock on social media and then suddenly find yourself sitting with them in a cosy cafe? Sounds wild, doesn’t it?

Finding light in the darkness is a mom’s superpower

If you browse through Kavita’s Facebook profile, you will find very few pictures of herself. There is an old pic of her kids set as

This expat became a peer leader in Singapore by using technology to build communities

I have spoken to almost more than fifty Indian wives who moved to Singapore after marriage because their husbands were working here. Most of these women

An Exclusive with Author, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker Ajit Panicker

To begin with, I would like to know about your childhood – your family, hobbies and inspirations growing up? Childhood for me was no little

The Inspiring Story of Anchor Shrey will Motivate You to Conquer the World

From dreaming to be a pilot to sleeping on the streets, and making it big as an Anchor – Shrey talks about it all to

A Candid Conversation with Jon Gresham on Writing, Photography, Travel and the World In General

An Interview with Jon Gresham – the Author of We Rose Up Slowly Jon Gresham is a doting father, an author, and works as Director of the

Daryl Qilin Yam, Author of Kappa Quartet Talks InstaPoets, Getting Published and Queerness

One of the best things about being a journalist/blogger in a foreign country is that I get to understand things with a fresh perspective. Another

Meet Jian Rong Teo – Singapore’s Serial Entrepreneur

Jian Rong Teo (Jayren) is a millennial who inspires millions. 23 years old this year, he is the Singapore Head for the Young Founders School.

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