You came into my life As soul mates we thrived Your embrace touched my soul ‘You and I’ was my goal I loved you, you loved me back I felt my life had no lack We cherished our love divine Everything was […]

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I trip over my doormat, stagger and stumble…I pant as I sit on the sofa I look at my face in the mirror on the wall, it is drenched with sweat Lines of fear, gush and rage form weird wrinkles all over […]

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I feel an instant urge, To fly and to submerge, Above the sky, and into the sea, Pave my own golden destiny “God helps them, who help themselves” Everyone around since childhood yells Today, at 20 I realise It’s not just a […]

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Love, Sex and Gaali! The Chetanisation of Indian Writing

India has been known for its rich art and culture since time immemorial. Our nation is the Mother of literary pioneers, such as Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore, magical creator of the Malgudi Days R.K Narayan, Booker laureate Salman Rushdie and Padmabhushan […]

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Stop labeling, judging and playing the blame game Women are not objects, treat them well and have some shame! She is fierce, bold and takes a stand Oh! She is a bitch! She is meek, feeble and doesn’t have a chance Oh Yes, […]

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