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1. Nascent Wings : A Poetic Endeavour


Nascent Wings—a Poetic Endeavor is a unique collection of selected poems based on different themes. This book offers its readers a platter of various flavours of poetry. From serious societal issues to the tender nature of love, from motivational verses to simple experiences, this book is a holistic entity of significant poetry.

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2.  Singing Words Valentine’s Day Special : An Anthology


Singing Words Valentine’s day special is an anthology co-authored by Surabhi Pandey, Priyansh Nigam, Mamta Nagpal, Parakram Singh, Priyam Gulati, Shalvi Pandey, Kedar Vitekar, Shivangi Ramsay,Shourabh Shekar, Preethi Warrier,Pratik Jadhav and Divya Malhotra. Its a collection of Poems and Short stories based on Valentine’s Day.

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3. Saturated Agitation


Saturated Agitation highlights the probable consequences of the on-going scenario in the Indian society in terms of crime against women. The devilish spectrum of the heinous beasts has no boundaries. Glass particles and iron rods are being inserted inside a female’s body! Age is no bar! 5 or 55, you are not safe anymore! Being a girl, the author feels the agitation in the females of this country is reaching a saturation point. She fears that this abhorrence might lead to fatal consequences. Women might become vulnerable to committing detestable sins against the culprits! This idea frightens and intrigues her at the same time. What if the weaker sex took justice in their hand? What if the victims started victimising? This novella is short but intriguing as it unveils the phenomenon of ‘Saturated Agitation’.

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4. She: The Warrior (An Anthology)


‘She – The Warrior’ is a collection of real life stories of women. Order Now!

5. Hindi & English Anthology : My Books



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6. Unchained Melodies : An Anthology


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7. Twisted Fates : An Anthology



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8. Literary fairy Tales : E Magazine


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10. Bonobology – A Website on Relationships


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12. Your Quote


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14. News Times Post


News Times Post isn an English Forthnightly where Surabhi wites intriguing articles on contemporary topics.

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