Lifesaving travel essentials that we all need

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With substantial progress in the field of technology, more and more gadgets are becoming available to make life easier and more comfortable. The world of travel is no exception when the talking point is gadgets. When you are travelling, gadgets can make a huge difference between a bummer and an experience of a lifetime.  Here... Continue Reading →

Five apps that help you meditate and gain mindfulness for free

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Mindfulness has emerged as a popular wellness trend across the globe from the past few years. More and more people are realizing its importance in their busy and stressful lives. Practising meditation along with self-care can help in recharging mind and provide physical health benefits as well. Despite being aware of the positive impact these... Continue Reading →

Six everyday habits that can help combat climate change

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“If there’s a world here in a hundred years, it’s going to be saved by tens of millions of little things.” Pete Seeger "This is not just a forest that is burning," said Rosana Villar of Greenpeace, who helped CNN arrange its flight over the damaged and burning areas. "This is almost a cemetery. Because... Continue Reading →

Encounters of a Jabra Fan with her favourite​ celebs

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When Ranpreet met her favourite singers Manan and Sarthak "Wo Star Nahi Duniya Hai Meri..." This dialogue from Shahrukh Khan's 2016 release 'FAN' was the voice of every fan around the world. It echoed every die-hard fan and we all could feel the emotion for our favourite celebs. I feel like it would be fair... Continue Reading →

Why environmentalists are urging to ban trash imports

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The influx of trash from developed economies is transforming the developing countries into toxic dumpsites. The 10-country Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) receive more than a quarter of global plastic waste, mostly from the developed nations including Canada, the United States, Australia, and Japan. According to a 2017 Ocean Conservancy report, China, Indonesia, the... Continue Reading →

A Rest From The Rat Race

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"Duniya me rehna hai to kaam kar pyaare" - This Bollywood song has been the idea of life for every average Indian, rather every person in this world. Take a look around and you will see hundreds of people hustling, rushing for their jobs and struggling to fulfil their dreams. I, too, have been a... Continue Reading →

Is marraige​ the final destination for Indian women?

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Marriages are settled in heaven but celebrated on earth. The unity of two souls written right from birth. This is how marriages in India are defined. Being born in an Indian Sikh family, I was brought up with the thought that marriage will be an extremely important aspect of life and that my husband will... Continue Reading →

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