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Rekindle your love with Folklory this Valentine’s Day    

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Have you ever wished you could bottle up a single, unforgettable moment? Perhaps the day you first realised you were in love or any of the many happy moments with a loved one. It is true that our memories shape who we are, but they are also fragile; even vivid recollections of significant life events can fade with time.

Generally, people preserve their memories with photo albums, art prints, phones or legacy walls– and looking at the old photos makes them long for the chance to relive all those special times together. 

However, most photos merely capture the fleeting moment and nothing more. In a way, they allow us to freeze time and experience happy memories over and over again, but as we get older, even the most heartfelt recollections might start to fade. The exact sequence of events, the voices of the people in the images, and other sensory elements might fade from our memories.

What if, then, we told you that you could make sure that all of those wonderful stories be told for generations to come? This year, a Folklory might make the perfect Valentine’s Day present for your loved ones and here’s why.

What is a Folklory?

A study showed that reliving happy experiences stimulates our original feelings of joy as if they were happening now and recalling positive experiences also naturally kindles feelings of gratitude. Holding memories of our loved ones keeps them alive in our minds, and that is why Folklory decided to find a way to cherish anyone who has ever had a significant other or who has experienced a wide spectrum of feelings to have their life story turned into a personal podcast.

Founded and led by Haresh Tilani and Terence Chia, who have a combined 25+ years of storytelling via videos, TV & podcasts, is leveraging the power of audio and harnessing technology to help create memories as well as establish team cultures in the era of hybrid and remote working.

Most people would think that this gift is solely for people who are too sentimental but preserving your memories actually can operate on a much more personal level as well. Not only that the podcast will allow your spouse or children to have a more in-depth view of your life, but your future generations will be able to tune in on how you once lived and how you sound. Just as your grandparents always regale you with stories of their childhood, you will eventually be able to do the same thing with your own family members–even when you’re gone. 

Sharing these personal stories and moments with your loved ones helps create a stronger, more personal bond as it allows them to see you as a real person with real hopes, dreams and fears, rather than simply being remembered as a parent or a regular person. Not only will these Folklories evoke feelings of nostalgia, but it also creates a sense of longing for the past, making it a very meaningful Valentine’s Day gift for you and your partner. 

How and why you should preserve Folklory

People may not last forever, but their experiences may be shared indefinitely through a podcast, making them ideal for strengthening family ties and other close friendships. It is natural to question how Folklory manages to maintain the podcast’s warm and genuine tone given that no one would normally confide such personal information to complete strangers. 

There’s a very simple explanation for this: they are total strangers. Folklory hosts do not pry into your affairs or pass judgement, so recipients will definitely put their guard down and open up, making for more authentic conversations.

So for this Valentine’s week, whether you are gifting this to someone else or treating yourself, you will get to chat with a Folklory host over the Internet and that person will steer the conversation in the direction you specify through a podcast. Considering there is no time to prepare a scripted speech, the resulting podcast is sure to be more fascinating and original than any still photograph could ever aspire to be.

For example, you can gift a personalised Folklory with your choice of one interview guest, to inquire about what life was like when they were younger, or to elicit any bittersweet recollections from their childhood. They probably have more than a few entertaining stories to tell, and while you get swept up in the tales, you could learn something new about your own partner’s history.

The one-of-a-kind present also has the additional reputation of being a time capsule, suggesting that even if the giver and recipient may no longer be physically present in the future, their memories and existence might live on through Folklory. It frees you from the burden of melancholy associated with their departure and allows you to remember them as they truly were: vibrant and loved.

How Folklory leverages technology to create close-knit cultures in remote teams

Do not let your past recollections fade away

The most significant reason for preserving memories boils down to one simple statement: memories matter. They remind us always to be grateful and cherish everything in our life before it fades. Photos and videos are great for remembering the most memorable moments in our lives, but nothing can compare to hearing someone’s genuine voice recounting those times.

It is true that life is full of little pleasures, but it’s also true that they’re easy to take for granted and fleeting. This Valentine’s Day, we hope you’ll find ways to hold on to these precious recollections, as giving the gift of personalised Folklory is a wonderful way to bring you and your loved ones even closer together.

To find out more, do visit https://www.folklory.com/. Use the code, “LOVE20to enjoy a 20% discount and celebrate your love with a Folklory this year.

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