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DinoQuest World Adventure is back in Singapore this June School Holidays

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Call me a geek or a nerd but I have been obsessed with the Jurassic world since I was three years old and went to see my first-ever 3D Jurassic Park movie back in the 90s. So, obviously, when I received a media invite to attend the pre-launch of DinoQuest World Adventure, I had to go! And, if as a 30-something new mom, I enjoyed the Science-y and fun elements so much, imagine how amazing this experience will be for the kids!

DinoQuest World Adventure is back to bring you on an exciting and educational journey to discover the dinosaurs from Victoria Australia. Held at North Atrium, Suntec City from 4 June to 31 August 2022 for $22 per attendee, this exhibition will surely excite the hearts of every dinosaur fan and is the perfect family activity for the upcoming June holidays

From animatronics to holograms, to hands-on activities, DinoQuest World Adventure incorporated cutting-edge technology in experiential media and creative storytelling throughout its five thematic zones, namely Explorer’s Hut, Dinosaurs of Darkness, Extinction Cave, Dig Site, and Dinosaur Dreaming. Be transported into the long-extinct world of the Australian dinosaurs and embark on your journey to be a palaeontologist.

“We are thrilled to bring DinoQuest World Adventure back to Singapore after a resounding success in 2019. This exhibition is an adventure for both young and old, and guests can discover how different fields of science work together in a real-life dinosaur expedition. Attendees can look forward to witnessing the most updated reconstruction of Timimus, a tyrannosaurus discovered at Dinosaur Cove in 1994, among other dinosaurs,” said Jacky Ong, Managing Director of  DF Experiences.

This exhibition was originally produced by Science Centre Singapore, DF Experiences, and Digimagic Communications, together with world-renowned palaeontologists Professor Patricia Vickers-Rich.

Exhibition Highlights: 

Immersive experience powered by the latest multimedia technology 

The exhibition consists of five thematic zones, each brought to life through cutting-edge multimedia technology for an immersive experience. From animatronics to holograms, to hands-on activities, take a tour into the world of dinosaurs and come face to face with the prehistoric creatives. 

Exclusive Timimus Dinosaur Showcase 

Featured exclusively in this exhibition, DinoQuest World Adventure will showcase the most updated reconstruction of the Timimus, a tyrannosaurus discovered at Dinosaur Cove in 1994 by Emerita Professor Patricia Vickers-Rich and her husband Professor Thomas Rich. Alongside the Timimus, discover the other ancient findings from Dinosaur Cove, which took over 700 personnel and 40 years (and counting) to uncover its secrets. 

Discover and name your very own dinosaur 

Always wanted to have your very own dinosaur? Great news! Guests will finally get the opportunity to embark on a personal quest and experience the thrill of discovering their very own fossil. Identify your fossil right, and you just might unlock the rare trait of renaming and customising the appearance of this prehistoric creature!

A prehistoric world recreated through art & science 

In a bid to capture the visual drama of this prehistoric environment, the world of DinoQuest World Adventure is brought to life by renowned reconstruction artist Peter Trusler. 

Entry tickets are available at https://www.sistic.com.sg/events/dinoquest2022. For more information, please visit https://dinoquest.com/.

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