DISNEY x MAYER brings Mickey & Minnie into your home!

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The Mickey Heritage Collection is an ode to the notable Disney classic and will bring warmth and nostalgia into homes with its irresistible designs.

Poh Heng Jewellery announces new brand philosophy with ‘Created for Love’ campaign

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Singapore’s trusted Home Grown Jeweller, Poh Heng, is reaffirming its core values with its new brand philosophy: ‘Created for Love’. With a legacy that spans seven decades, Poh Heng Jewellery is paying homage to its heritage and trusted customer base with this campaign. With local familiar Singaporean faces Foo Fang Rong, Azura Goh and Eswari... Continue Reading →

Warm the cockles of your mom’s heart with these Mother’s Day gifts on Shopee!

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Watch your mother tear up with these amazing gifts we’ve picked out for Mother’s Day! Alright, jokes aside, it’s definitely a good time to show some appreciation to the woman who has dedicated her life to bringing you up. Shopee is here to help: shop from our wide selection of gifts from 24 Apr to... Continue Reading →

This Ramadan Muslim Pro collaborates with UNICEF and Dompet Dhuafa to support children’s education and welfare in Yemen and Indonesia

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Muslim Pro pays it forward to children’s welfare and education in Yemen and Indonesia, on the back of its successful Khatam Quran campaign during Ramadan Muslim Pro users are encouraged to continue to give to UNICEF’s Children in Yemen Appeal through the app’s first-ever crowdfunding effort Since the start of Ramadan, Muslim Pro’s new Khatam... Continue Reading →

Singita and Patina Maldives are pushing plant-forward offerings for a greener, better tomorrow

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Plant-based offerings are taking the world by storm and this isn’t just the case on home turf – consumers are increasingly demanding plant-forward menus when they’re travelling, as being on vacation doesn’t mean that they’re taking a break from their vegetarian or vegan diet.  Singita and Patina Maldives are both brands that have curated thoughtful culinary experiences... Continue Reading →

‘Our Barehands’: Sustainable fashion brand unveils new collection with bold prints, head-turning patterns and eye-catching colours

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Sustainability is in - with more companies pledging ethical and environmentally-sourced products and production techniques, it’s hard to filter out the legitimate ones from the ones merely riding the trend. A term that is increasingly used (and overused in some cases), sustainable fashion is an umbrella term coined for clothes that are created in a... Continue Reading →

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