Circuit bakers can put aside their baking supplies because HEYTEA Food Lab is now available in Singapore!

China’s number 1 contemporary tea connoisseur and the original inventor of Cheezo Tea has made fresh additions to its menu with a delicious selection of baked goods, specially crafted for one-of-a-kind gastronomical experience. If you are feeling peckish in the middle of the day, these baked goods are delightful as a standalone snack, and pairs perfectly with HEYTEA’s signature teas.

Treat your taste buds with HEYTEA Food Lab’s delectable debut

Golden Croissant

HEYTEA Food Lab makes its debut with four delicious pastries, all baked to perfection. The Golden Croissant ($3.60) is a classic delight—flaky and golden on the outside but fluffy and soft on the inside, this toasty treat is sure to satisfy with its impeccable mouthfeel. For something more indulgent, opt for the Chocolate Croissant ($4.20), which features the same golden bake filled with decadent chocolate that oozes deliciousness with each bite.

Double Chocolate Chip Cookie 

Chocolate lovers will also enjoy the Double Chocolate Chip Cookie ($2.00), a soft and chewy classic that combines the best of dark and milk chocolate for the perfect balance. Meanwhile, the Butterscotch Chip Muffin ($3.20) is a new and unique spin on traditional comfort food, blending sweet and savoury in one light and a buttery muffin.

Perfect pairings for afternoon tea

Whether you need a mid-day pick-me-up or just want to indulge and treat yourself to a comforting snack, HEYTEA Food Lab’s delicious baked goods and the brand’s signature teas are made for the perfect tea pairing.

For classic flavours that never disappoint, pair HEYTEA’s Taro Bobo with its Golden Croissant. Together with the buttery Golden Croissant, the blend of taro with fresh milk and chewy bobo pearls make for a satisfying explosion of flavours and textures. Alternatively, the Chocolate Croissant makes a great pair with HEYTEA’s Aqua Green Cheezo, combining soothing jasmine green tea, cheese foam and chocolate for a brisk and refreshing blend of sweet and savoury.

Butterscotch Chip Muffin

Just like chocolate-covered strawberries, HEYTEA’s Strawberry Cheezo and the Double Chocolate Chip Cookie are simply a match made in heaven. Strawberries in a refreshing green tea base and creamy cheese foam complements the richness of the Double Chocolate Chip Cookie. HEYTEA’s other sweet indulgence, the Butterscotch Chip Muffin, pairs exceptionally well with the refreshing and fruity Very Grape Cheezo—the sweet and juicy fresh grapes are all hand-peeled to provide premium flavour and taste, combined with a brisk Aqua Green tea base and topped with creamy cheese foam.

Refresh your summer with HEYTEA, made from only the highest-quality ingredients

Fostering new inspirations with every sip, HEYTEA’s signature teas are made from fresh, premium ingredients, ensuring a delicious and guilt-free experience. Each cup of HEYTEA is loving and artfully brewed, featuring original and innovative flavours that are sure to excite taste buds!

With great attention to detail, HEYTEA exclusively uses refrigerated fresh milk in its Bobo Family to complement premium-grade tea leaves that are sourced from the best producers. Its Cheezo Teas combine the finest cheese imported from New Zealand with its tea selection for the perfect blend of taste and texture that is sweet and fresh without being cloying.

Ensuring optimum freshness in every blend, HEYTEA’s Fresh Fruit Teas exclusively use NFC 100% freshly-squeezed juice from the highest-quality fruits, preserving the original flavour and nutrition to ensure the best natural taste that is both rich and refreshing.

Brighten up your palate today with HEYTEA Food Lab

With HEYTEA celebrating the reopening of its outlets islandwide in Singapore, customers can get their hands on HEYTEA Food Lab’s selection of freshly baked goods exclusively at the ION Orchard and Westgate outlets.

Customers can also order via the HEYTEA GO mobile application (available for iOS), Foodpanda or the GrabFood mobile application, for self-collection at selected stores.


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