Nature is a respite amidst COVID-19

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Amidst the global health crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our feeds are a bit depressing and gloomy these days. While this pandemic has brought the entire world to a standstill, there is one silver lining that is shining brightly everywhere. Mother Nature is getting her "human activities detox" and cute critters are smiling everywhere.... Continue Reading →

Rebecca Solnit’s Cinderella Liberator is a feminist, rather a realist twist to the classic fairytale

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Rebecca Solnit is an American writer who writes on a variety of subjects, including feminism, the environment, politics, place, and art. She is an author of seventeen books as well as essays in numerous museum catalogues and anthologies. Recently, I had the opportunity to read her book 'Cinderella Liberator'- a modern twist on the classic Cinderella fairytale,... Continue Reading →

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