Looking back at my time at Doordarshan while social distancing

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I was young, full of zeal to change the world and probably a bit delusional about my skills and talent; because in a reasonable state of mind, I would never imagine being a television presenter, that too on Doordarshan-- India's largest broadcasting organisation in studio and transmitter infrastructure. I grew up in the 90s, before the... Continue Reading →

My Social Distancing Survival Guide

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With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting millions of lives around the globe, social distancing is becoming the new normal. Right now, there are more than 886,000 #socialdistancing posts on Instagram alone.  From self-isolation to working from home and self-quarantine to cancelling all travel plans – people are trying to do everything they can to help control... Continue Reading →

Living in the time of social distancing and COVID-19

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When the new year arrived, there was excitement all over the world. This new year was more special because it marked the beginning of a new decade.  Unfortunately, barely 20-25 days in and the world was hit by a headline that changed our lives forever- the novel coronavirus outbreak. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a... Continue Reading →

An Australian author’s guide to #BuySingLit 2020

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Amidst the fears of COVID-19, I found myself venturing out to Singapore to help out with #BuySingLit 2020- an industry-led movement to celebrate stories from Singapore. Full disclosure: this was a work thing but I was also genuinely interested in the programme and, more often than not, ventured out on my own out of genuine interest.... Continue Reading →

Stay Well With Healthy Chinatown (保健牛车水) This Weekend

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With #socialdistancing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it is easy for monotony, fear and boredom to take over. This weekend, why not give yourself a break and head out to Chinatown to attend health talks and activities at the ‘Healthy Chinatown’(保健牛车水) event' being organised by the Chinatown Business Association (CBA).  The event will run from 21st to 22nd... Continue Reading →

This #BuySingLit Season Read Mabel Gan’s ‘The Ghost Who Pinched Me’

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“In the dim candlelight, the small room seem to have shrunk. I felt my chest tighten and worried that there wasn’t enough air for all of us. I couldn’t control myself and let out a sob. Siew Cheh put her arm around me and squeezed my shoulder. Don’t worry, Bee. We’ll take care of you... Continue Reading →

STOP! Are Your Hands Clean?

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With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus aka COVID-19, authorities all over the world, and the World Health Organisation have been reminding us repeatedly to wash our hands with soap and water. Infographics and posters teaching “how to wash your hands properly” are everywhere. You would be surprised to know that this has even become... Continue Reading →

Celebrating the vivid colours of love and compassion with Holi

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When one thinks of India, an image conjures up before their eyes, a picture of people dancing and singing, spreading their colours into the wind and onto each other. This is the impact that one day’s festivities have not only on the country but on the world, when the entire country comes together in a... Continue Reading →

“Is This Love?”: A Tale Of An Arranged Marriage In The Age Of Tinder

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When I turned 24, my parents decided that it was time they made ‘arranging their daughter’s marriage’ as their top goal in life. As with any arranged marriage, entire families were enlisted to convince me that it should be my top priority as well. Although I was young, I knew that marriage would be a... Continue Reading →

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