The many colours of India, beyond brown

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India is the seventh-largest country in the world. We are white, black, brown, yellow, fair, dark, fairer, darker and so many other colours. We are not just brown. Just an FYI for the uninformed and prejudiced. Please look at some Indian faces for due reference:

Encounters of a Jabra Fan with her favourite​ celebs

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When Ranpreet met her favourite singers Manan and Sarthak "Wo Star Nahi Duniya Hai Meri..." This dialogue from Shahrukh Khan's 2016 release 'FAN' was the voice of every fan around the world. It echoed every die-hard fan and we all could feel the emotion for our favourite celebs. I feel like it would be fair... Continue Reading →

Five endangered places that you must visit now

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Some of the great boons of the digital age are the unbound access to social media and the resultant continuous awareness we have of the happenings around us. Our online feeds are flooded with smiling pictures of our friends travelling across the world. From solo tourists in Turkey to backpackers in Sri Lanka- everyone is... Continue Reading →

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