Month: April 2019


Phi Phi Diaries


Here is a snapshot of my Phi Phi trip. Complete blog coming out soon!   Advertisements


Finding light in the darkness is a mom’s superpower


If you browse through Kavita’s Facebook profile, you will find very few pictures of herself. There is an old pic of her kids set as the profile image and some motivational quotes in her gallery. These are not just some […]

#Life In SG #People

This expat became a peer leader in Singapore by using technology to build communities


I have spoken to almost more than fifty Indian wives who moved to Singapore after marriage because their husbands were working here. Most of these women had flourishing careers in India but after moving to SG, they all struggled- some are […]


An Evening At SWF’s “Words Go Round”


I have attended not one, but many panel discussions and lectures about creative writing, theatre, YouTubing and film-making. From India to Singapore, Bollywood to Korean Drama – I have met experts and heard them talk on various issues. Because of that, […]

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