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Mohit Chauhan: A Real Life Hero Who Embodies Inpiration​

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 Mohit Chauhan is a man with rock-solid unswerving mettle, one who has mastered his mind and hence his life. He is our first Hero for our all-new blog series – Life Stories by Ajit powered by The Vent Machine.

 A boy who whose fortune was prophesied by the family priest on the day of his naming ceremony, for a life with a disease which would keep him crippled for whatever life he would survive, one who was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Muscular dystrophy is a when a group of muscle diseases result in increasing weakening and breakdown of skeletal muscles over time. The disorders differ in ways in which muscles are primarily affected, the degree of weakness, how fast they worsen, and when symptoms begin to appear. Many people eventually become unable to walk. Some types are also associated with problems in other organs. The muscular dystrophy group contains thirty different genetic disorders that are usually classified into nine main categories or types. The most common type is Duchenne muscular dystrophy which typically affects males beginning around the age of four.

Disorders may be X-linked recessive, autosomal recessive or autosomal dominant. Diagnosis often involves blood tests and genetic testing. There is no cure for muscular dystrophy. Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which represents about half of all the cases of muscular dystrophy, affects about one in 5,000 males at birth. (Source)

Mohit Chauhan has been living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy disease for the last twenty-five years, ever since he was six years old. But this disease is not what makes Mohit special, it is his valour, zeal and spirit towrads life. He is a true hero.

Early Life

Mohit has lived in Delhi ever since his birth on 28thMarch 1987.  He is a poet and can often be seen during stage recitals in the city. One of his earliest memories is of his mother telling him, that on the day of his naming ceremony, the family priest had presaged that he will have to suffer a dreadful physical disease, sooner or later in life.

Despite the physical challenge of being on a wheelchair round-the-clock, Mohit loved playing ‘hide and seek’ with his friends. His closest friend is Gazal Sharma. They have known each other for the past 20 years. She is a friend with whom he feels confident and happy to share one and everything.

He has always been a Cricket fan but could never play. As a kid, he often felt upset about it, but not anymore. Music for him in his growing up years has always been the mesmerizing Euphoria band.

In a candid interaction, while trying to know him more, he told me, “People would always get surprised by my mannerisms; by the way, I conducted myself, in spite of the state I have been in.  People usually don’t expect from people like us to be firm, affirmative and so bold in their communication. They are in awe of seeing me living a normal life since birth, all through my teenage and until now. It is actually unbelievable for them because they (the normal people) expect us (the abnormal people, that’s what they think we are, I don’t think I am abnormal) to cripple through our life and not live an audacious life.”

He admires Narendra Modi, the dynamic Prime Minister of our country. He feels our government should seriously work towards the upliftment of the differently-abled, those who are usually abandoned by our society to for life. You never know who might turn out to be a magnificent talent. By upliftment, he means well-received inclusion and social acceptance for employment in the mainstream society and not by just creating opportunities for some petty jobs.

He recalls how happy he was when he was invited as the Chief Guest at the prestigious Jamia Millia Islamia University for a poetic event. In spite of leading such a lively and vivacious life, inconsiderate of his medical challenge, his modesty is worthy of being talked about. It was so modest of him to have told us that he feels he has not achieved anything in life so far. For a person like me and for others who are reading this story, I am sure he is a formidable source of inspiration.

It’s not only about accepting life as it has been bestowed to you; the real inspiration is in leading it the way you want.

That’s what Mohit Chauhan, our first hero of this series is all about. In his words, “He feels happy and grateful about every little thing.”


He completed his schooling from two schools in Delhi. He studied till his eighth standard in Happy Home Public School and his high school from Raja Ram Mohan Roy Public School in the year 2002. With all the medical problems he was struggling pass by, he completed his intermediate level from the National Open School in the year 2004. He just didn’t give up. His favourite subject in school though was Sanskrit but his English teacher Mrs Meenakshi Dhar has particularly been one of the biggest influences in his life. He has always been a talkative student in school and a little above average in academics. As a teenager, he loved winning quiz contests.

He then did his graduation through correspondence. Thereafter, he enrolled in an MBA program from Symbiosis Institute, a distance learning program, which he successfully accomplished in the year 2010. His strive and hunger to learn more has only been increasing with every passing day. For leisure, he loves reading books and listening to music.


His father Mr Ashok Chauhan is at the helm of things at a Steel Manufacturing Company on a senior management position and mother Mrs Suman Chauhan is a proud homemaker. His younger brother, Piyush Chauhan and Pooja Chauhan are working as in different corporates. Mohit has spent a lot of summer holidays at his maternal grandmother’s place in Delhi. He is fondly called  Nannuby his family and friends.

Family for him is an essence; it isn’t a mere word but an epitome of all the feelings. Family according to him is an environment which exudes an aura where each member can be on his own, can be his own true self. It is the only place in the world where others would let you be what you want to be and you reciprocate in letting others be what they want to be, a place where you enjoy freedom in its truest sense and love and care in its purest form.

As a couple, his parents have stood by each other despite all the troubles a couple normally goes through. They are his biggest motivation and set an inspiring example as a couple before him. The way they conduct themselves has taught him the art of persistently and dedicatedly handling a relationship. His dad has taught him, how to become a self-made man, developing and growing each day by learning new things. He strongly feels irrespective of who and where you are, learning should never stop. His mother has taught him to be straightforward and honest in conducting oneself. Being a diligent full-time homemaker, she has taught him, the art of managing things within the required time interval, which he feels no-one but only a mother can teach you the best.

He shares a lovely relationship with his parents and acknowledges the fact, that his very existence and survival against all the odds is all because of the strength and courage his parents has infused inside him. He happens to be the closest to his younger brother who is no less than an angel for him and his family.

He has loved someone with whom the relationship could not materialize and was therefore heart-broken for a brief period. When asked if he has ever faced resentment or mistakingly hurt anyone, his answer was, “forget about actually hurting anyone, I can’t even think of hurting anybody’s feelings even”. 

 Ajit: How do you describe yourself? Who is Mohit Chauhan?

Mohit: Crisp and short, Mohit Chauhan is one lively person, a person who lives his life as it comes. He has to face a lot of challenges even to complete the basic routine activities of the day like drinking, eating and taking bath. You could see I can’t even hold a cup of tea. My mother was helping me drink. Despite that, he never falls short of confidence. And even if he does, he knows how to get normal. In this fight with life, his family is his biggest support system.

Mohit Chauhan is a bold and affirmative person. What he says he believes. He’s unlike most of the people around who say something and there’s altogether something else going on in their mind.

He is outspoken and clearly knows how to put his opinion across. Mohit Chauhan cannot say ‘no’ to anyone, which I think is one of his biggest weaknesses. If someone comes seeking for help, he is unable to say no to him.

Ajit:  So in that sense, you and I are similar. (Cracks out laughing)

Mohit: He would see it to it that he does, even if it requires him to seek help from some third person, to help the person who had come asking for help. This, in some way I know, is a weakness, in this world full of diplomacy.

At times it has given me whipping lessons, when I had helped people, going out of the way, but then what I received was disheartening.  It’s not that I helped to receive something in return. Many of us don’t have a sense of gratitude for what someone does for them. I know this happens to everyone, so it has happened with me also.

Ajit: oh really! Of course, that happens with all normal people. (And we wink at each other)

Mohit: He is a kind hearted person. He cannot remain unforgiving at a stretch for a very long time. Even if he gets angry, the emotion would be like a crest of heat but then it will cool off as a trough of ice, very soon. He keeps a strong check on his anger so that the person in question doesn’t get hurt in his rage. So that I don’t regret in my life later, because words once minced, cannot be taken back. But yes, I cannot stay annoyed for a very long time, keeping grudges for a person is completely unlike me.

Ajit: So Mohit, have you learned this as you grew up or you have always been like this because when it’ comes to me, I have learned it. I wasn’t always kind-hearted.

Mohit: See life is a big teacher. Whatever it tried showing me, I courageously experienced it. Frankly speaking, I have never tried self-exploring myself much.

Ajit: So that’s what the basic truth of life is all about. If we really want to live a happy life, we have to somewhere, accept full heartedly whatever life has to offer us. Okay, moving on to the next question who does Mohit Chauhan call “Family”?

Mohit: See for me, the family is not limited to blood relations. It is where I can be my real self; it is where I am free to express myself, that which stands by me in every situation. So family can be your friends, your cousins or your relatives. 

Ajit: So the family is one which stands by you irrespective of what good or wrong you have done. Isn’t it?

Mohit: Yes, if you have committed a wrong, the family is one which should make you aware of the wrong you have done, help you realize your mistake, not that it has to support your wrong also. Fundamentally for me, wrong is wrong. Even if any of my family members is wrong, which they are at times, they would stand wrong for me, be it my father or my brother. Parents at times can also be wrong. They are also human beings.

Ajit: So Mohit, how old are you?

Mohit: I am 31.

Ajit: Do you have a lot of friends? Who is your best friend and why?

Mohit: I don’t have a lot of friends, but I am very lucky to have some really good ones. Relationships these days are so very complicated. People these days make friends for their selfish motives. Trust me, I am so lucky, that my friends since my 3rd standard continue to be friends with me, even to this day. 

If I have to name the best one among them, then that would be Gazal Sharma. She used to stay with us in this very society in Rohini, Delhi. But now she has moved out. The way she knows me, probably nobody else around me understands. Though we have many friends now, and special credit to the social media, a lot of us have come back together as friends.  The kind of comfort I enjoy with her, I don’t think I do with anybody else.

In fact, we were speaking over the phone yesterday night, and she annoyingly said, ‘you know this is that time of the day when I speak to my boyfriend. I teased and scolded her!’ We are so frank with each other.

One day in a year that is my birthday, she makes sure, whichever part of the world she is in, she flies down to meet me. This she has maintained for the last ten years. 

Our mindsets are very similar. We don’t need to think a lot before speaking to each other. We speak our heart out, even if it is telling each other when and where we are wrong. We go through our agreements and disagreements like all relationships but that only makes our bond stronger.

Ajit: You are lucky to have a friend like that, Mohit. Seriously, in this selfish world, at times even with family members things do not remain the same. Eventually, their own reasons become bigger than anybody else’s, and this happens amongst brothers and sisters, quite often these days.

Mohit: I have seen it, experienced it happening with people around me, so what if I am not so greatly exposed to the world outside, and tied to my bed and this beautiful friend, my wheelchair.

Ajit: True. Let us move on to the next question, Mohit. What do you feel has been the biggest challenge in your life?

Mohit: It’s possible that after listening to the answer I am about to give for this question, you may get shocked. You might feel how a person who is so lively finds such a petty thing to be so challenging in life.

From the last two and a half years, I have been in a relationship. But with time it has gone so bad, that it cannot be worked out anymore. The painful part was what I received after having submitted myself to that relationship in ways I may not have done with any of my other relationships.

I won’t say, I considered that person, bigger and important than my family, but not even less than them.  So the struggle to come out of that emotional turmoil has been my biggest challenge.

You would think, why?

It is because I have always longed for a partner like anyone else does. I feel every individual needs a life partner and should have. Born in a family most of us have brothers, sisters, family, friends and relatives, but in spite of all of them by your side, you still need a life partner.

So when that relationship began and the way it was going forward, it was undoubtedly beautiful, altogether a different feeling. But when it took a different turn, a bad turn, I had no answers to the ‘why was it happening?’ with me.

Quite early into the relationship I had warned her not to make me regret of considering her as a partner. I had told her never to take me for granted because my experience with a few other people earlier in my life had been bitter. Later the things became so bad, that it was neither going forward nor was it ending. That hopelessness of hanging around in between was miserable. She should have clarified. Many times, I made myself understand that it won’t work out. But I could not mentally accept it and call it off myself.

I remember I had tried asking her to clarify her stand on the relationship. The other person was not clarifying. Then one fine day, I don’t know where went away. She was completely out of my life. It was difficult for me because I could never know the reasons. It was indeed the biggest dilemma of my life because of which I was depressed for months. But then I convinced myself to the age old saying that there is always a hidden good, for whatever happens in your life.

But finally, I overcame that emotional turmoil as well.

Good that it happened because it taught me how to better understand relationships and people. Also because of that low phase in my life, a lot of other people came closer to me, one among them being my cousin, Manisha Tanwar. She encouraged me to continue on the journey I had embarked upon, which was the journey of being a poet.

I think it would be fair to say that this was the biggest challenge of your life and it did affect me in a big way. You know, mothers are the first ones, who understand. I could never hide from her. But then I could finally overcome it, when I made my mind understand that, that’s how it had to be, that’s how it had to end.

Ajit: Mothers are the best. Well, let us steer this conversation in a positive direction? What have you felt has been your greatest blessing in life?

Mohit: My younger brother. Muscular Dystrophy is a genetic disease. But in my family in any of my generations before me, it had never happened. That was also a reason that my family feared for this to pass on to my younger brother. Fortunately, that did not happen. We were worried because baby boys are more prone to this disease.

And when my brother was born, he was born absolutely fine, healthy and hearty. Trust me, the reason I am living a normal and happy life is all because of him. Of course, I have my own confidence, but he has stood by me and is the biggest support in my life.

Ajit: I would surely like to meet him in future. He is indeed a blessing for you.

Mohit: Taking me to my events, parties, taking care of me, he does everything for me. You will not believe, even in his own marriage, he must have got down from the stage uncountable times only to see if I was fine and enjoying, even on that very special day in his life.

He is like an angel to me. No…not like, he is an angel for me.

Ajit: Indeed he is not just a blessing; he is an angel for you. What according to you, should people who go through different life challenges, like the physical challenge you have been going through do?

Mohit: Simply, ignore that physical challenge.

Ajit: Wonderful Mohit. Wonderful! 

Mohit: In the years that have passed by, from the day I was cognizant of my state, I have hardly thought about it.

Ajit: I strongly feel seeing your spirit, that your family members must instead be getting motivated by you and your approach towards life.

Mohit: Yes many times. But at times even I have to go through the weak physical moments in my life. Even I pray to God and start following healthy practices. We forget however fit we remain through our life, but we would always be mortal beings. All of us have to someday leave this world. We should therefore not think too much about our life. We should just live it as it unfolds.

We should ignore the physical challenge and focus on the things that give us happiness. We should look forward to making our goals and wishes come true. What is our goal and how are we going to achieve it, is what that should matter the most to us?

Ajit: Wow! What a beautiful thought, Mohit. You have made my day. So true it is, keep your shortfalls, weaknesses or challenges aside, and focus on what you want out of your life.

Mohit: I would say don’t ignore and focus on your physical health, not on your physical challenge.

Ajit: True…so true, Mohit. What is the ultimate goal or ‘purpose of your life’ that you wish to see come true at any cost? Have you ever introspected or reasoned your own self, to find out the reason of your existence or of your arrival on this planet?

Life has brought you to this stage of life. Have you ever wondered, why? There is for sure, some reason. What is it?

The reason for your being born might be different for some other people in your life, but what has it been for you?

Mohit: As I have told you earlier in our interaction also, I have never thought about life so deeply. I have taken life as it turned out for me. Not that I was just going through the suffering or accepting that as my fate.  

But yes I was never hungry for a lot of money. I had even tried doing business, working in the stock market. But that didn’t work out. I realized it somewhere later in my life, that it was a game of gamble. Even if you are technically very sound with numbers and know the rules of the game. It’s not that you cannot earn big with it because I couldn’t, but then that greed of earning more than the last time will make you lose big someday. It is just my thought, may not be a global truth.

But then when I began on my journey for the first time as a poet, I realized that this is what I had always wanted to do. When you receive so much love and respect, it’s altogether a different feeling. Maybe I am not world famed as a poet, but whatever small name I have, like in the Delhi Poetry Club, people know who Mohit Chauhan is.

The ultimate aim of my life is to release my autobiography. People know me in only in Delhi. It’s my wish people to know me across the world. My parents should be known by my name, by the name of Mohit Chauhan.

Ajit: Of course that is going to happen very soon. I somehow have this strong intuition. I can feel the energy around.

It’s that invisible force Mohit that is attracting people to you. Maybe that’s the reason why even I am here today. It’s that force only, that force of your desire to see that day when your parents will be known by your name. Maybe that’s what the purpose of your life is.

Mohit: The biggest fact is that although I want to achieve what I said, I don’t want to change my self. Here what I mean is that I want to improve myself but I don’t want to change my core, my real self. You must have heard people saying, the time changed that man, I don’t want people to say that about me anytime in future.

Ajit: So what you mean is, ‘I want to change the circumstances, not myself.’ Isn’t it?

Mohit: Very True. I want to change the circumstances, not the real Mohit Chauhan. Like I just told you some time back, my physical disability and this disease have not broken me so much, like what that relationship did to me.  But then I changed that circumstance by changing the way I should react to it, not Mohit Chauhan.

Ajit: So you strongly believe that the mental challenge is much bigger and difficult than any physical challenge.

Mohit: Trust me. That stress is much more painful. Imagine for a person who has to spend a major part of the day on this wheelchair, He who cannot move, unlike other people. Imagine what mental stress or challenge would do to a person like me. How long would you watch TV? For people who are physically able, they can at least move around and change their depressing mood.

Ajit: True. I believe one should not give too much unnecessary importance and hence get stressed because of the challenges in life, just focus on your goals. All the challenges and struggle which is coming your way are also part of this life.  

Mohit: You cannot control things but you can always choose how to respond to them.

Ajit: True. What a beautiful line? I have heard this line many times before but hearing it in your voice has made it so much more beautiful, Mohit.

Mohit: So of course, I also read a lot and try to imbibe and follow all that is motivating for me. This is also no less true that, ‘Time is the only supreme power. Your life can change in a matter of a few seconds.’ No need to think a lot, you cannot control your life much. I have learned this and have then learned how to respond to it.

AjitAre you a dreamer? If yes, what will you dream good, big and most wonderful about people in a world where you are not allowed to be? If no, what do you feel as a non-dreamer you can do for the people around without thinking about your own benefit?

Mohit: Let me first confess, that I am a big dreamer. I see a lot of dreams. But I would like to know what you meant by asking “you are not allowed to be?”

Ajit: You are a dreamer but whatever good and great you are dreaming about others in that world, you cannot be allowed to be there to enjoy the joy out of what you have imagined for people. So whatever good you are thinking about others in that world, you will not get anything any part of it.

Mohit: As I told you before, everyone needs a partner. I have always had this thought that we are labelled as specially abled or differently abled but when it comes to relationships or matrimonial alliances, thought the process of most of the people around changes.  

Though, I don’t blame them for this. Today I have this disability, I have this problem, maybe that’s the reason my thinking is like this. If I too did not have this disability, maybe I would also not have thought this way. Everyone thinks and wants a physically fit partner. Something should happen, wherein this way of thinking should change. If people see something different and unique in us, like it is said, people like us are bestowed with other special powers like I have my intuitive abilities.  People should consider us based on those abilities not only on the physical challenges we have.

Ajit: True, Mohit. I believe all of those people who believe they are normal, also have shortfalls and weaknesses, and you too have them. Many times, in the people, who we believe have no weaknesses or inabilities that are not evident, have many more disabilities and weaknesses. So it should not be a norm, that one whose disabilities are physically visible has to be bigger and more.

So according to you, people should accept you for the talents and abilities you have and not because of the weakness or disability you have. Isn’t it?

Mohit: Tell me, how many physically challenged people have you seen not with a not so physically challenged partner. They will usually have, partners who are also physically challenged.  Why should you consider it as a criterion? If you really want to, consider their uniqueness and their other abilities.

Ajit: Shouldn’t partners actually be to complement each other? I think you are making a strong point here.

Out of all the readers who are reading this life story, if there’s anyone who thinks he or she is influential and empowered enough to bring this to a strong notice of the government, this initiative makes its mark.

You are a real-life hero for us, for the initiative #LifeStoriesByAjit. You will soon be a hero to many people across the globe. What are the three best motivating pieces of advice as life lessons that you would like to give to them?

Mohit: The first one would be, ‘You cannot control things. Something which is destined to happen will happen. How you can respond to it, is what you can do? How you choose to respond to it will make all the difference.

You can respond by crying, you can respond by fighting against it or respond to it happily. That’s your choice.

Second, never let your self-esteem go down. No one is perfect but at the same time each one of us is able enough and have some or the other special ability. If you don’t respect yourself, no one else will.

The third is, never lose your original identity. You are unique in yourself. If you have some weakness, accept it. Whatever authenticity you have, never lose or change for someone else or for any circumstance you have experienced. However hard you try you cannot hide your original identity. Sometime later in your life people will come to know of the original you. People will call you a fake then.

Ajit: Thank you Mohit, for these three motivating pieces of advice you have given us and to our readers across the world.

I am determined to never give up on things in life, after this day. I feel it’s not important that every act of yours should fetch something to you, but it can definitely help others. With that feeling, I have framed the next question for you.

As a global ambassador of #LifeStoriesByAjit how is Mohit Chauhan going to change the world around him?

Mohit: In the times we live today, people are suffering from a lot of stress, the stress of all types. I have been reading a lot these days about the menace depression has become. Depressed of small, trivial things like not satisfied with job, break-ups, and then have also seen people attempting to suicide because of such small problems.

I want to share my story with the world, the story that you are also going to publish with your initiative. I want to tell the world that a man who sits through the entire day on his bed or his wheelchair if he can spend his days full of life, why can’t others, who are physically able? They can create wonders for themselves and for the people around.

Don’t keep crying for such small problems. If I can do it with this disability, why can’t you?

Ajit: Mohit, so what you are actually referring is, “Read and feel your ‘disability’ as ‘ThisAbility’. Isn’t it?

Mohit: Yes, Ajit. I have faced struggles and have overcome them. I want to tell the world, how I overcame them. I want to tell them how they can take those depressions out of their life. Life is a precious endowment, the most precious one I guess. Most of the people around us spend their entire life only fulfilling their responsibilities. I am not saying that’s wrong. To an extent that is required but only to an extent. I have seen a lot of people regretting later in life, that they could not do what they wished for, the most in their life.

Especially these days, when parents have to live a life without their kids, where on many occasions they are even abandoned by their children. They regret, for having done so much for their kids, only to get abandoned in shelter homes or old age homes later in life.

Like what my father says. He has three years left to retire and he says, “After that, I will do this, I will do that. I’ll plan an all India-tour.” He has spent all his life taking care of us and our needs, both of our parents actually. But they never tried fulfilling their own wishes. Many times, when I interact with him, I feel he has a lot of wishes which he could not fulfil.

So it happens with a lot of us. Even my mother, who always wanted to work, but couldn’t because she had to take care of me.

So in a way, it is a boon to me. I don’t have that stress to earn, to buy properties or build businesses or to rear my kids or plan my pension.

Ajit: Ha…Ha…Ha. Mohit that was beautiful. You have so forthrightly expressed such a big thing. It couldn’t have been more candid and simple. It’s true, one of the very big truths of life.

Mohit: My brother has got recently married, so he too would get into that race now.

I finished college, and so did many others with me. Usually, when one finishes college, he would aspire to take up a job, then a two-wheeler may be a car next and then a house. So it basically is a never-ending race.

With me, there’s nothing like this. I need not do all of these. I am happy and blessed to have a life and moreover; a family like this. So one should do what they love the most.

Ajit: Absolutely. Steve Jobs once also had said the same thing, Mohit, “Do what you love the most and don’t settle down till you find the love of your life”. A lot of learned and evolved people have similarly said, “Do what you love or love what you do. Either of the ways, you stand a chance to succeed.”

Mohit: Like my father, he is a wonderful cook. I have told him a lot of times, leave your job and start something of your own. Even I at one point in time had this as my goal.

Even my brother has the same wish. And now my brother has vowed to take my wish and his wish along and make our dream come true. Maybe once he is accomplished enough to start, he would.

Ajit: Wow, Mohit. I and our team at #LifeStoriesByAjit and The Vent machine wish you and your brother all the very best in all your future endeavours.

Mohit: You said, I should tell you the problem I am facing. Muscular Dystrophy is the name of the disease. It is of many types. What I have is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This gets detected somewhere around the age of six. In this, the muscles gradually start wearing out and because protein cannot be formed in the body of such people, the muscle and bones building does not happen at all.

So it goes to an extent that even lungs muscles like diaphragm also begin to wear out. That is fatal. I came to know of this in the year 2009. Before that, I only knew that it is muscular dystrophy and the muscles begin wasting gradually in this disease.

In 2009 when I was down with a viral fever, this was revealed to us. I was admitted and I was injected a wrong injection by the doctors, because of which suddenly my tongue became heavy, I began stammering. The worst part was that my brother was not there. He was out for his SSB interview. That day for a second, I felt, I am gone.

Ajit: So as the popular saying goes, ‘On every grain is written the name of the person who is going to eat it” similarly “on every breath is written the name of the person who is going to breathe it.”

Mohit: I came to know of it a lot later, how fatal this disease is. People can’t even breathe properly after some time in this disease. Most of the people survive only their teenage or early adulthood.

Ajit: Let’s now take this discussion on a different a tangent, Mohit. Is there any possible way to treat this problem?

Mohit: So what I know is that I think Stem Cells and the related technology can help.  We came to know of a hospital in Mumbai, where it can be treated. My brother scanned all my medical documents and reports and had sent it over to them. But my condition is such that even that treatment may get life-threatening for me. Maybe if this treatment was available about ten years back, I would have had better chances. If not getting completely treated, at least this weakness I was suffering from would have reduced.

Once one of my cousins in the US had sent me a video, about a boy who suffered from this disease but he had got treated after an operation. But then there is a risk?

Ajit: So it’s life-threatening?

Mohit: Yes, but most importantly it could happen to him because he was just a thirteen year old. It is probably possible at that age.

Ajit: Anyways Mohit, you are one lively man. I have a strong belief that when we come to this world, even the counts of breaths are calculated and credited to us. I understood this well when I too lost my brother very young. He was just 39. We all have wishes, goals and ambitions in life; and all of us want to make our lives better.

What I feel is whatever number of breaths we have been blessed with, for our own selves, for our people and then all other people unknown to us, if we can help them, we should.

So how did you overcome these challenges?

Mohit: So I will share with you three incidents.

The first one I remember, I was in 8thstandard. The two of us, me and my father had visited the Trade fair at Pragati Maidan in Delhi. My father was pushing my wheelchair, and all of a sudden it got stuck somewhere and I fell on the ground. When we came back, I had pain all over my body.

We thought it was a sprain.

I am sure you must be aware that in India; we have those local wrestlers who can pull off any such bone dislocation. That was where we came to know that I have a fracture. Plaster was tied about two weeks later. It happened in February and March I had my exams.

But I overlooked that physical challenge with Muscular Dystrophy and focused on my exams and gave my exams. Teacher and the school supported. Especially a teacher was appointed who came over to my home and invigilated my exam.

The second incident was in 2004 when my leg got fractured simply sitting on the bed. Left leg got fractured. What will anyone do now? Imagine what is the level of stress and pity he would feel for his situation?

On top of that, even the doctor who treated the fracture did not do his work with finesse. The bone got relocated into a wrong position with which I had to suffer all my life. I was able to sit properly on my bottoms before this incident, but not anymore after that day. I felt depressed and cursed for a few moments. But then I overcame that as well.

Then in 2014, we went to Kashmir, I could not acclimatize with the weather and I must have vomited at least 13 times. My parents panicked and insisted to come back. But I said; “Let’s continue the trip, why are you wasting money because of me.” More so, because I felt I wouldn’t be able to come back ever and enjoy those Shikaras and the valleys.

But I overcame that as well.

Then after coming back when we consulted a doctor we came to know that the body was making excessive blood platelets and blood was clotting abnormally.  The suffering I was going through, my parents were going through, and I had no answers to them. It was such a pain for me, to go through that feeling of self-pity again. I for a moment cursed myself for the pain I am for my family and if this is how I have to be, its better God takes me away. It was a moment of extreme weakness, but I overcame that as well.

It happened because one fine day, like what you said, when you started this interview that pain makes you stronger, is what I felt was as an answer to those uncountable questions.

The answer was, ‘I am the God’s strongest creation.’

Ajit: Mohit, the entire objective of this interview was this. The biggest objective of this initiative #LifeStoriesByAjit powered by The Vent Machine is to motivate yourself; motivate yourself through the pains in your life and hence inspire the world around you.

Thanks, Mohit for giving me an opportunity on a rendezvous with you. It was an honour to have met and interviewed you. I pray to the Lord that he bless you and your family with all the happiness in the world. May all those people who are reading this story and are undergoing similar problems in their life, take an inspiring lesson from Mohit and his family and hence learn to make their life as joyful as them.

Thank you once again, Mohit.

The Vent Machine is proud and honoured to bring this story forward. The content has been produced and curated by Ajit Panicker. Read more about Ajit and his work here.


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