Something for DC Fans Too!

Singapore is a fascinating place. Not only does it have an excellent topography surrounded by the Indian Ocean and exquisite islands but it also offers various gateways into the fantasy world. I have already told you about the F.R.I.E.N.D.S-themed Central Perk CafeMy Marvel Experience and how you can lock your love at Clarke Quay in Singapore.

I thought that it would be totally unfair to DC fans if I did not share details about the awesome DC themed cafe located in The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. This cafe is a dream come true for those who swear by DC icons. I am more of a Marvel addict but, to be honest, I have cheated on the Avengers for the Dark Knight and Cat-woman (the Anne Hathaway version of course).


I also admire Wonder Woman for the awesome warrior Goddess that she is. At this cafe, you get to meet with life-like effigies of your favorite superheroes. The authentic Bat-mobile from the 1989 Batman film is also on display here. The new Justice League consisting of the likes of Flash, Aqua-man, Superman among others guard the entrance of the merchandise shop attached to the cafe. If you are a collector, this is your nerd station. You can buy limited edition action figures, signed posters, coffee mugs, caps and t-shirts from the shop here. This place opens on all seven days by 11:30 am. 



Though the best part for me, was the awesome menu. Such detailed food art that you would rather sit there, order everything and click pictures, than eat any of it! (Not that it does not taste good, it just looks so much better than it tastes.)



Dine with your heroes, buy cool collectibles and eat food that looks amazing.Get the full-on DC feel here and share your experiences with me!



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