Do not Fall… Rise In Love

One must never give anybody the power to destroy oneself. As cliched as the title of this blog may sound (I actually remember this line from some SRK movie), however, it is indeed true.

Women generally tend to percieve love as a different entity. They forget their individuality, self respect and even their very existence. For them, love equals sacrifice. They make it their one time job to love their man and make him feel like God. They give him the power to direct their lives. No matter what, if he says he loves them, they believe.

Second-class citizen treatments to yelling, lying and cheating – women take everything in the spirit of love. They must not. They must learn to take the right decision at the right time.

When a woman goes out with a man, why is it that only the woman is considered wrong? Why does nobody want to listen to the girl’s side of the story? What is she going through? Why did she get involved?

It upsets me when in every situation, in the Indian society, ONLY WOMEN ARE CONSIDERED WRONG.


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