An Untold Story of A Broken Heart

They Met. He pursued. He insisted. Claimed love, attraction and what not. She fell- head over heels.

A year later, he yells at her -” You have ruined my life! Do not call me ever again”

All she did for that one year was love him- irrespective of the fact that he had a wife back home and she was one to another man. She was called names by the society, she suffered at every end. He had made promises of a future together.

One stroke of bad luck and he blamed her for all. He left her.

He left her and took a piece of her with himself, not knowing that what he had done was worse than murder. She could not even cry because to the world- her love was a sin. It was impure and selfish. She burns alive and fakes to the world that she is ok. She is not ok. She is rotting from within – out of loneliness, slef doubt, insecurity and guilt.

She thinks of herself as a bad person, as someone who does not deserve to live; someone who does not deserve an easy death either.

You know what the worst part is? She still believes in him, still waits for him. She is a fool insanely in love. They say she is incurable.

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